Ascend Adventure Travel to Launch March 1st, 2012

Ascend Adventure Travel, www.AscendTravelPeru.comA message from the CEO:

Hello World!  Welcome to Ascend Adventure Travel. Operating from Cusco, Peru we are setting our sights on becoming the premiere tour operator specializing in service travel, rural tourism, classic tours and mystical experiences. Our passion is derived from years and years of humanitarian experience – and successful instances of sustainable development programs that we have helped initialize and follow-through.

So why open a tourist agency? Simple – the robust tour industry in Cusco has continued to see impressive growth during a world economic crisis and a general industry downturn – but more importantly, we’ve grown tired of watching a handful of wealthy individuals make a ton of money off of tourism while the majority of the Cusco Region’s inhabitants continue to reside in extreme poverty.  Apart from a few local-owned tour operators, the majority of the profits of an industry that sees 2 million visitors a year, and billions of dollars in profits.  We are committed to rural tourism, sustainable development projects, and donating a portion of our profits to powerful poverty-eliminating projects.

In Cusco, there is no shortage of tourist agencies – the proximity to Machu Picchu and its history as the capital of the Incan Empire make it a must-see destination for the avid traveler.  However, there are certain things that the tourism industry in Peru leaves to be desired for those whose expectations of a service provider exceed “adequate.” Foremost among these industry shortfalls is reliability – we will strive to be the most responsive, punctual, and courteous tour operator – with a commitment to social responsibility and exceeding traveler expectations on all fronts.

There is much, much more history to be written – and we plan on being a part of it along with your help as we empower poor Peruvians to become participants in the tourism industry, and above all – help them to Ascend out of poverty with their own two hands.

Check out for more information and a list of our tour options and our Service Expedition schedule (Operations will begin March 1st, 2012).

Thank you!


Timothy Marti
CEO Ascend Adventure Travel


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