Looking for awesome videos and photos?

We would like to thank our awesome Media Team of husband and wife videographers Spencer and Kylie Turley.  They spent the summer in Cusco with Ascend Travel and made our outstanding informational video. If you are looking for awesome videographers, look no further!

Kylie Turley

A Brigham Young University – Hawaii graduate in International Cultural Studies, Communications, and Intercultural Peace-building, Kylie interned with us to further develop her skills in filmmaking and photography in an international environment.  As one who is fascinated by different cultures and in creating peace inter-culturally, she strives to seek opportunities in the third world sector that  help strengthen individuals, families and communities.  Her experience living in developing nations has strengthened her ability to resolve conflict creatively through sharing stories and expressing life changing experiences through media.  Kylie says that working at Ascend Travel as an international intern was a great way to see parts of the world outside of leisurely travel, with a sincere purpose and desire to serve people in need.


Spencer Turley

As an independent videographer, Spencer joined Ascend Travel because he felt strongly about sharing the cultures of people throughout the world who live in need.  Working in the film industry for the past two years helped Spencer to develop the skills necessary to create quality films that inspire others to become active in a worthy cause.  Whether the films he creates are to motivate others to join a humanitarian expedition or donate time, money or expertise towards charitable efforts – his passion for filmmaking helps to obtain the interest and support organizations need to be sustainable and successful in their cause.  In the process of moving others to take action on their sense to do good in this world, Spencer has learned valuable lessons that teach him to be humble, teachable, and amiable.



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